Subigya’s Thesis Process

Final Project Deliverables



Virtual Reality

Final Soundscape

Link to the final soundscape, which include interview narratives, background music, and other filler sound bites.

Project Shoot – Preview

Interview Shots


360 Video



360 Video


360 Video

Prototype 2 – Pre-Production

For the second prototype of the project, I started by working on a concept that had more depth than a simple monologue. With insights gained from various online researches and meeting organization officials who have been working on ground on the activities, I wrote a new script which focused on the victim of Nepal Earthquake and his struggles with immigration policies in USA. The issue I am focusing on is called “Temporary Protected Status”.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a short term fix for people who are immigrants from countries which have been either severely affected by violence or natural calamities. “The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for TPS due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately. ” (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

The equipment I would be using to shoot the second prototype are:
Video – Nikon D7100
360 Video – Ricoh Theta V

Here is a rough sketch of the setup.

The locations for the shoot are given below:

Demo Day – Prototype v1

For the demo day, I am using a simple monologue for the prototype. I first wrote the monologue, and then shot it in video (using Nikon D7100) and 360 video (Samsung GearVR). The soundscape for both 360 video and 2D video is the exact same, and audio was recorded using Ahuja Lav Mic with Zoom H4N.

Text Story:

Subigya’s Story

Video Prototype:

360 Video Prototype:

The play test is focused on getting user feedback on the experimentation process, rather than the content. The experiment design is as follows:

The demo was conducted using a set of instructions that were given to the participants and they had to follow the steps to get through the experiment. A sample instruction is given below:

Participants were also asked to fill an exit survey after they completed the experiment. A sample survey is shown below:

Methodology – Discovery Draft

This week, I worked on the following things:

1. Adviser Meeting:
I had a meeting with my Adviser, Todd Bryant, where we spoke about the general proceeding for going into the production mode of the thesis project. We also discussed about what camera would be suitable for 360 video production (without the need for stitching footage), and start working on a website in which the project can live.

2. Confirming the NGO
For the project, I am looking forward to collaborating with an NGO so that the stories produced would be real life stories of people facing genuine problems. I am in conversation with Adhikaar ( to figure out if the project can be done in collaboration with them.

3. Methodology Discovery Draft:
I also worked on the Methodology discovery draft. The section needs work finalizing the correct methodology for the study. However, a well thought out experiment has already been fleshed out on the paper, which would be followed to gather data from the participants of the study. Methodology Discovery Draft

Contextual Review – Discovery Draft

This week I worked on the discovery draft of my contextual review. I have also started sketching out my prototype, and would be diving into its execution from this week.

Contextual Review | Discovery Draft

Thesis Paper Outline

This week I worked on the outline of my thesis project, and continued researching on furthering my contextual review. I have a meeting scheduled with Liz from Feb 20 about the outline.

Outline | Thesis Project

Contextual Review Research

This week I dived deep into contextual research for my thesis project. I focused on studying theories of Transmedia Storytelling by Henry Jenkins and Adaptation Theories from novel to cinema

Thesis Proposal Presentation

The presentation consists of the initial project proposal done for the thesis class. It contains where I derived the idea of the project and how do I plan to execute it.