Rendezvous with Mars

The short film follows a young girl from her humble beginnings in the city of Bombay to being an astronaut en route to Mars. The journey unveils in various stages, intercut with memories of her childhood.

Our work seeks to find a window into a human heart in conflict over its dreams and the act of being severed from everything it holds dear. The protagonist’s childhood is a metaphor for human civilisation itself – with her curiosity and gumption. She grows dreaming about having the stars in her hands to actually going on a voyage beyond our planet in her adulthood. The struggle of her journey to being an astronaut is also symbolized by the various stages of the voyage from earth to mars. Her story involves her recognizing the childhood dream that we are all meant to be carrying.

Created by:
Divya More
Mayukh Goswami
Subigya Basnet

‘Dheer Dharo’ – Written & Performed by Vedi Sinha, Produced by Ujjwal Raaj Sen